Mg-Kapinvest is a dynamic, reactive and very complementary team combining all the experiences of the piloting of a company (contractors, financial, industrial…). The Mg-Kapinvest leaders and shareholders are initially contractors with a consequent experience in the development. Their competences, at the industrial, commercial, marketing level as well as financial allow to better understand the whole of a company. A flexible and light structure where the circuits of decision were reduced to the maximum allows faster interventions, more direct bonds within an entrepreneurial environment..


Holder of a master in management, Veronique GARNODIER very early had the“entrepreneurial fiber “by creating a first company at 22 years old. After having resold this first company, she occupied several managerial functions in other companies. In 1994, Veronique GARNODIER launches out a new challenge and creates “Charlott’ which becomes 10 years later one of the companies reporting the strongest growth rates and profitability in France. Veronique GARNODIER was elected “company head woman of the year 2006”


Graduate of an university, after a 4 years experience in the communication and publicity, Frederic MONTOLIO becomes a consultant in strategic and industrial audit, thus he helps companies in their projects in various fields such as MICHELIN, TECHNIP, TOTAL, OCP, CIAPEM, ALTADIS, PERRIER, Yves Rocher JAGUAR, NMPP. He takes part with Veronique GARNODIER from the very beginning in the CHARLOTT’ adventure where he knew how to make his industrial experience profitable.

Philippe GACON, Administrateur

When joining the Mg-Kapinvest Board of trustees, Philippe GACON brings to the company a great experience in the management control and the structuring from the top of assessment. Philippe GACON carried out the main part of his career in the audit and in financial management functions in family companies under LBO.

Pierre BROU, Chargé d’affaires

Pierre BROU est en charge de la division immobilière et hôtellerie. Il a en particulier mené à bien le projet d’un hôtel au Maroc, rentable dès la première année d’exploitation.