Founded in Belgium in 2006, Mg-Kapinvest is a Belgian private investment fund. Mg-Kapinvest exclusively concentrates on the operations for standard action leverage LBO (Leveraged Buy Out) in which it has vocation to be in a majority.

Since its creation, Mg-Kapinvest invested in various companies for amounts of valorization going from 1 M€ to more than 15 M€.

Mg-Kapinvest privileges French-speaking acquisitions of companies in Belgium and abroad everywhere in the world (France, Morocco, Tunisia,…) or having a French-speaking management.

Mg-Kapinvest is interested in a large spectrum of transactions without sectoral specialization. Established in Brussels, Mg-Kapinvest carries out operations in all the fields: plasturgie, building, bakery, but also sale with the cutting of real estate goods,…

Mg-Kapinvest is an independent company which allows us to invest in the unconstrained duration of time and in total convergence with the management and the strategy of the company. Mg-Kapinvest will be the same active, constructive and motivated shareholder as you through the growth and the valorization of the company.