Our trade is : taking majority or minority stakes with action leverage (LBO) in companies characterized by cash flows exceeding the requirements in investments and working capital, a competitive structure or being able to become one quickly, a first quality team of management, in place or identified, good commercial positions compared to its market. Mg-Kapinvest studies mainly acquisitions of a holding in family companies whose valorization lies between 1 M€ and 15 M€.

Mg-Kapinvest is interested in all the classes of activities including the real estate and positions on transactions whose value is lower than 5 M€ in value of credits and 10 M€ in value of company.

In order to ensure the long-term success of your project, we analyze the needs and perspectives of your company together and then propose adapted solutions to you. For each operation, Mg-Kapinvest ensures a strategy of continuity to the officer of the company concerned.