We invest in capital with the contractors, as majority shareholder or minority in SME going from 1 M€ to 15 M€ of valorization. These SME must be profitable, present estimated excess cash flows and show a potential of development, with significant market shares and competitive advantages. Acquisitions will be partially financed by debt. We consider a resale of the medium-term companies, generally within 2 to 10 years after acquisition.

We invest in equities up to 3 M€ by investment without sectoral distinction.


Several natures of investment are possible:

  • Reorganization of the capital: Exit of minority shareholders, reorganization of a majority pole around the leader,
  • Assembly of OBO (Owner’ S Out Buy) in which the leaders keep the majority, while returning liquid part of their inheritance,
  • Assembly MBO (Out Buy Management) in the case of a resumption of company by management in place,
  • Assembly MBI (Buy Management In) in the case of a recovery by a new management.

Our values
We assist the leaders in their strategic decisions without interfering in the management of the daily newspaper. We are listening to all your projects, whatever their nature. We invest in the long run to increase the value of the company. We wish to create a true partnership with the management in place while working in confidence.